Offensive items are items used primarily to deal auto-attack damage. Many of these items are bought by the auto attack carries such as Vagabond.Darpa and Terra.Nova. 


FusionBlade PsionicRavager PneumatizedCloak DuransMachette (1) Balancer
Stabilizer KhalisWeaver KhaydrianAbsorber PhaseCloak OcelotsRevolver
ExecutionersAxe BlackHoleMagnum TimeSplitter KineticBattery StarsFury
ShinobiStyle LethalBarb PhantomMenace SliptideScythe HiveSymbiosis
AgressorsGuise YamatoReactor ParallaxGenerator BanditsArtifice

Weapon Damage

QuantumSpade Sledgehammer HyperionIncinerator ValorsManifest DuransMachette (1)
SpaceBattery KineticBattery EyeofDuran PulseHammer GluttonsBite
EternalDrive RunicGavel PhaseCloak VibraniumShield IsomorphicPyre
TimeSplitter ForceofEntropy FlareGun ShinobiStyle SunflareGun
GravityEdge DarwinsMight ExplosiveRetrofit HandofMengsk ContaminationShard
GalacticDefender KhaliBlade Masamune

Weapon Speed

FocusPrism GravitonBooster ValorsManifest SerratedCleaver StunBaton
Shadowmourne ShrinkRay IsomorphicPyre TimeSplitter LightningRod
StarsFury ArcboundRavager


ZergSymbiosis DuransMachette (1) EyeofDuran FlareGun HiveSymbiosis
LeechingSaber GluttonsBite SunflareGun HandofMengsk DarwinsMight

Critical Strike

BladedCollar ChaosPrism SerratedCleaver Shadowmourne KhaliBlade
LethalBarb Cerebro ArcboundRavager

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