Utility items consist of primairly intelligence items as well as support items. These items are primarily used for INT carries such as Chuck.Tbone or for support heroes like Doctor.Geneva. 


TemporalPlating StormPauldrons HiggBosonCapacitor DuransPendant Balancer
Stabilizer KhalisWeaver KhaydrianAbsorber GuardianSteel OcelotsRevolver
BlackHoleMagnum TwinParadoxIsolator ParallaxGenerator ImpactDial SchrodingersLockbox
StarsFury BanditsArtifice SymphonicSeed YamatoReactor SunflareGun
GravityEdge ShrinkRay NitrogenRetrofit Cerebro ArgusCrystal


SapphireMox BlueGene DuransPendant StunBaton KineticBattery
ShrapnelCloak MossbergTaser IhanCrystal MetalGear SilverSoul
ChillingArtifact StarsFury Shadowmourne

Energy RegenEdit

PulseRegenerator DuransPendant LostTreasure KhalaStone SpaceBattery
KineticBattery StunBaton SchrodingersLockbox IhanCrystal SpellBuffer


BlueGene MetalGear TwinParadoxIsolator RunicGavel YamatoReactor
ElectricMantle HandofMengsk Masamune ChillingArtifact StarsFury
AgressorsGuise CoatofArms


SchrodingersLockbox SerratedCleaver AgressorsGuise SpellBuffer Shadowmourne
GravityEdge Masamune PhantomMenace ArcboundRavager

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